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here's your update

there's a new man in my life.

I bought a house and now owe my soul. I'm getting married
but it's ok because my gpa is fine.

I am explaining further because inquiring minds wanted to know. I am trying to be married, I really am. it works thus far. I bought a small house in my childhood town (in FL). we have 3 dogs. I am buying a tablet PC in honor and celebration of my most recent career change (I can't tell you what it is because it is identity sacred!) long live hooters.
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This week was just FILLED with lots of STUFF. You'll notice the new layout, won't you?

TOO much Onegai Teacher,
TOO much Dead Zone,
TOO much Stargate,
TOO much Wolf's Rain,
TOOOOOOOO much Evangelion,
TOO much dog training!

and too much manicotti with stupid alfredo sauce. NO MORE, I SAY! NOOOO MORE.
Here is what I got and am grateful for, which is everything I got and have and will have (including two GSDs named Tsume and Hige!):
A dell inspiron 600m laptop
industrial sewing machine for my collars!
above listed DVDs
heeling dog porcelain figure
~$900 (OMGMOMYOUCRAZYHEAD) worth of BED SHEETS & blankets.

Here, have another picture of my dog.

I feel lazy!! Big frown. I've been working out more than ever but my back still hurts. Stupid grocery store. OH yeah, I have to work at 5:30. Guess who got up late due to the Sumatran quake speeding up Earth's rotation!!!11!!1one Now I'm going to be late, THANKS ASIA.

Really, though, my heart goes out to the people who've survived (and not survived) a disaster of this magnitude. It's so hard for me to imagine everything being gone and when I try, it makes me too sad to even think about. :( Why can't we just play nice with the earth & stop pissing it off. Why them!? WHY NOT US? Sad now.

But still hyper.
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ute being sweetCollapse )

our training is going so awesomely. I love this dog. :)

there might be a number two in the future if I can work things right by mom. I really really need to start tracking work with at least one of them. sugar's nose is for all the crap right now. I think she has a cold or something!
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picture this: instead of ringing like a normal doorbell, our bell plays music when you push it. this month, the music is a christmas song. picture my mom playing all of her favorite christmas CDs.

and imagine that when my dogs hear any christmas song with bells, they go into a cataclysm of barking. I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for them.
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Un Lapin, anyone? Comme si c'était justice quand ils tuaient le lapin!

Seriously, though. If five hunters went onto my land and it was posted? (Boom boom boom boom boom. And one for good luck. But that's only because I'd want to protect the deer on MY land. But that wasn't his reason.) So... they were there to kill things, and the other dude wanted to kill things. I find it odd that they were all fighting over who got a greater chance to... kill things. Yeah. Humans are "intelligent" life. For sure.
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found, taped below our beware of dog (insert sillhouette of doberman) sign, all wrinkled and damaged from the weather... written in kid writing.

I pity the person who breaks into this house;
inside are two dog[s] with very big mouths.
they have extremely large te[e]th
that are brushed every week
so look elsewhere for the money you seek.
heed this warning and stay in the light
or find yourself losing a one sided fight.

I love our neighborhood.
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isn't anyone upset that fox news is lying about ohio's electoral votes for bush?

i am sick of people saying "that's what democrats get for putting a weak person in"! kerry is just about as strong a competitor as ANYONE else, probably better! hell, people saying it are third-parties and THEY only got one fuckin' percent of votes. it doesn't matter who runs against bush, you could put fucking JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF against bush and he'd lose. bush STOLE the election in 2000, he's going to steal it again. he's swapping people's machine votes - our neighbor (who prominently displays kerry signs in his lawn) went in to vote kerry and came out with a receipt that said bush. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN, EXACTLY? he came over to bitch about it right along side us. i guess that's what he gets for living in florida! i mean, really, who exactly do you complain to without sounding like a freak? fucking shrub and his fucking [+inadvertent] supporters.

and why is it that in 2000, everyone was ashamed to admit that they voted for bush? they were freakin' crawling in holes to avoid conversation about the idiot they helped put in office. what the hell happened to that?! GET BACK ON YOUR SHAME BOATS, PEOPLE! GET BACK AND SAIL AWAY!

ps i got a job (no thanks to bush) and pps i make one dollar more than my brother who works for ross! two dollars more on sundays! i make so much money that i splurged and bought the entire (well, what's released) wolf's rain, The Whole Truth, Simpsons 1-3, and ghost in the shell. woo.

and i'm sick again! i hate the flu! but more importantly, i hate people who give me the flu. *glares at The Smelly Kid* and i hate bush! HOW can he declare a win, they're practically fuckin' EVEN. god help us all. stool has the right idea in his journal right now ;)