kiba (adroit) wrote,

isn't anyone upset that fox news is lying about ohio's electoral votes for bush?

i am sick of people saying "that's what democrats get for putting a weak person in"! kerry is just about as strong a competitor as ANYONE else, probably better! hell, people saying it are third-parties and THEY only got one fuckin' percent of votes. it doesn't matter who runs against bush, you could put fucking JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF against bush and he'd lose. bush STOLE the election in 2000, he's going to steal it again. he's swapping people's machine votes - our neighbor (who prominently displays kerry signs in his lawn) went in to vote kerry and came out with a receipt that said bush. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN, EXACTLY? he came over to bitch about it right along side us. i guess that's what he gets for living in florida! i mean, really, who exactly do you complain to without sounding like a freak? fucking shrub and his fucking [+inadvertent] supporters.

and why is it that in 2000, everyone was ashamed to admit that they voted for bush? they were freakin' crawling in holes to avoid conversation about the idiot they helped put in office. what the hell happened to that?! GET BACK ON YOUR SHAME BOATS, PEOPLE! GET BACK AND SAIL AWAY!

ps i got a job (no thanks to bush) and pps i make one dollar more than my brother who works for ross! two dollars more on sundays! i make so much money that i splurged and bought the entire (well, what's released) wolf's rain, The Whole Truth, Simpsons 1-3, and ghost in the shell. woo.

and i'm sick again! i hate the flu! but more importantly, i hate people who give me the flu. *glares at The Smelly Kid* and i hate bush! HOW can he declare a win, they're practically fuckin' EVEN. god help us all. stool has the right idea in his journal right now ;)
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