kiba (adroit) wrote,


This week was just FILLED with lots of STUFF. You'll notice the new layout, won't you?

TOO much Onegai Teacher,
TOO much Dead Zone,
TOO much Stargate,
TOO much Wolf's Rain,
TOOOOOOOO much Evangelion,
TOO much dog training!

and too much manicotti with stupid alfredo sauce. NO MORE, I SAY! NOOOO MORE.
Here is what I got and am grateful for, which is everything I got and have and will have (including two GSDs named Tsume and Hige!):
A dell inspiron 600m laptop
industrial sewing machine for my collars!
above listed DVDs
heeling dog porcelain figure
~$900 (OMGMOMYOUCRAZYHEAD) worth of BED SHEETS & blankets.

Here, have another picture of my dog.

I feel lazy!! Big frown. I've been working out more than ever but my back still hurts. Stupid grocery store. OH yeah, I have to work at 5:30. Guess who got up late due to the Sumatran quake speeding up Earth's rotation!!!11!!1one Now I'm going to be late, THANKS ASIA.

Really, though, my heart goes out to the people who've survived (and not survived) a disaster of this magnitude. It's so hard for me to imagine everything being gone and when I try, it makes me too sad to even think about. :( Why can't we just play nice with the earth & stop pissing it off. Why them!? WHY NOT US? Sad now.

But still hyper.
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